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Alchemical Sex
by E.J. Gold (Illustrated by the author)
Foreword by Iven Lourie
Prod ID:bk099
Price: $39.95
Trade Paperback
"The unknown," to paraphrase E. J. Gold, "is unknown because it does not lend itself to being known"; what must not be spoken is in fact that which cannot be articulated. Wedged among life's supreme unknowns is the field of sexual alchemy, and Alchemical Sex, Mr. Gold's elucidation of those portions of this subject that can actually be confined to print, is a laudably serious attempt to make some portion of the unknown, known. From his first curious predictions to the arcana of "evocation" vs. "invocation," the book puffs a welcome breath of fresh air into a world that is currently wholly dominated by "a species which features as its main attribute a radically disconnected multiple personality with no control over which persona is active at any given moment." Lucid, witty, detailed, and incisive, Alchemical Sex is required reading for anyone with any aspiration to cultivate sexual energy with true creativity.
--Robert Svoboda, author of The Left Hand of God, Aghora

"E.J. Gold seems to me either the greatest comic writer or the greatest philosopher of our time or maybe both."
--Robert Anton Wilson, author The Illuminatus Trilogy, Shrodinger's Cat