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We have selections from Claudio Naranjo, Robert S. DeRopp, E.J. Gold, Reb Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, Dr. Claude Needham, Dr. John C. Lilly, Barbara deChamps, Ka-Tzetnik, Gustav Davidson, Ffiona Morgan, Horace L. Gold, L. Sprague deCamp, Ohky Simine Forest, Michael Hutchison, and more. Subjects include angels, alchemy, death and dying, goddesses, floatation tanks, personal transformation, preparation for death, science fiction, meaning of life, the enneagram, gestalt therapy, sacrifice, travel, efficiency, spirit guides, the power of universal love, healing, Native American wisdom, the personal story of a concentration camp survivor, dreams, floating, practical work on ones self, meditation on children's literature, the psychology of meditation, giving meaning to one's life, the fascinating history of the typewriter, nondenominational prayer, the formation of higher ethereal or subtle bodies, psychometry of ancient artifacts, the meaning of rituals and shamanic methods, the great work, and techniques for expanded perception and attention that work in everyday contemporary life.